Wednesday, July 7

Louise Huebner - Seduction Through Witchcraft

Louise Huebner
Seduction Through Witchcraft

01 Introduction - Gods
02 The Self Fascination Ritual For Increased Power
03 The Isis Full Moon Ring For Magical Protection
04 The Demon Spell For Energy
05 Orgies - A Tool Of Witchcraft
06 Sun Sign Amulets For Spiritual Protection
07 The Coleopterous Charm For Romantic Adventure
08 The Turkish Bean Spell For Tender Love
09 Seduction Spells From Around The World
10 The Emotional Bondage Spell
11 The Earthquake Spell For Unwanted Lovers
12 Witches And Wizards

This one has dark, moog-like music with this so-called witch talking about spells, etc.