Wednesday, July 7

Beats From The Vault

Beats From The Vault

This is another novelty thing. It's basically a cd I found in a thrift store few years back. It consists of Motown (or some major soul label) samples put out for Hip Hop producers to use as source music. I lost the cd, and thus tracklisting and cover. I remember it saying that if you planned on using anything from this cd to contact someone for clearance. Yeah, ok. There are 99 tracks of chopped popular soul music here..some are drums, intros, vocals, and all range from about 1 to 2 minutes.

Basically it's a ready-made catalog of music for producers. Personally, I don't think Motown knows about this! Enjoy...there are some nice, crispy sounds here. And drums!

Beats from the Vault

Also....speaking of drums, my man Dawhud, a SP-1200 user from Basement Addicts put out a pretty impressive SP-1200 drum kit. Not a huge kit, but these were used in his "Basement Sessions" lp. They have that nice 12 bit crunch straight from the SP-1200.

Dawhud SP-1200 KIT