Wednesday, February 8

The Dust Addicts


"What is these animals?!" Snoop Dogg

Throughout the postmodern garbage dump of twenty-first century music, I found myself yearning for the old sound that serenaded my teenage years. So I put on my ebay-attained Nike Air Mags, strap those bitches on tight, click the ass end of 'em three times and drift off.

As my beautiful eyes flutter open, I see that I found that sound that made me nod as a high schooler. From neo-hippies bragging about cassette releases, samplers made to produce sound of unrefined 90's rap loops, this year's offerings look promising.

The first up of many to come, are The Dust Addicts: Dj Booman and Dj Kool Breez of Baltimore, Ma. This is the second installment of "In The Crates," where the samples are rare and the dust is addictive. If "Almost Insane" doesn't make your soul bounce, then "Take Names Off," will take yo' ass to Churrrrrch!

Peep the link and support.

The Dust Addicts
In the Crates Vol. 2

Thursday, November 5


Logan Melissa seems to have boundless knowledge of music on wax. Check out this short burst of her droppin' science.

Friday, October 30

Public Enemy

Today’s selection is one of the best groups of the aptly named “golden era” of rap. My guess is this era is somewhere between 1988 and 1993. The group I’m talking about is surely one of the most influential of this era, Public Enemy. Musically, they defined the era of the politically-conscious, pro-black, responsible Hip Hop music, but what propelled the lyrical content was the style of production courtesy of The Bomb Squad, made up of the Shocklee brothers, Hank and Keith. They seemed to effortlessly blend differing genres of source material over a hard SP-1200 beat that complimented Chuck’s rapid-fire flow and the comical style of Flavor Flav. This song is “Night of the Living Baseheads,” which taught me about what crack cocaine was and why my mom’s car kept getting broken into. So, even though the car radio in was stolen by baseheads, I always managed to find a way rock this song. Peace.   

Thursday, October 29

Hard Stuff

For a British band named Hard Stuff, I expected this album to be a little less formulaic and more "experimental" hard-driving rock. It certainly doesn't fail as a straight forward hard rock album with no dangerous influences such as the blues to muddle the sound, but...a rock album is what the singer and drummer, John Cann (and Paul Hammond) formally of Atomic Rooster probably wanted. It departs from the soul and blues drenched rock albums of the early 70's. Solid album. If you've ever liked the euphoria of a bloody nose, this album is for you. Bolex Dementia by Hard Stuff

Wednesday, July 29

Know Ya Roots

Old School Hip Hop mixtapes coming soon!

Sunday, April 27

Shugmonkey - Loose Ends EP

Loose Ends EP

Beatmaker and Illustrator, Shugmonkey. I had a chance to fire some questions his way:

BTB: What inspires your style of beats?
SHUGMONKEY: The summer, mellow vibes and chilled moments mostly.

BTB: What is your process of making beats? Obviously sampling is relevant to you.
SHUGMONKEY: Going through records and finding those bits to make the first couple of bars. Then I add the drums and it's all go from there.

BTB: What other music (from any era) inspires you?
SHUGMONKEY: : I collect everything and anything.  I never turn my nose down to any genre as they all fit and fulfill a certain mood of the time. From Baroque, 1920's/30's Jazz, Funk, 60&70's Soundtracks, Acid House, Jungle, Rock, Hip Hop, world music etc. It's all inspired me at one point. Music's a hell of a drug.


Thursday, March 6

Patrice Sciortino

Patrice Sciortino

Sunday, March 2

Millennials by Damo Dialectic and Man-Oasis

first beat tape for 2014. Impressive....not only does the beat "Halftime" have the illest sample, but the intro is bar none, the best I heard so far! Check it:

Damo Dialectic and Man-Oasis

Wednesday, February 26

James Brown

James Brown
Black Caesar OST

Tuesday, December 24


Ballad of a Rock n Roll Loser

Monday, December 23


James Brown
Say it Loud I'm Black and I'm Proud


James Brown
Revolution of the Mind

Sunday, December 22




James Brown
Get On The Good Foot


Sunday, August 25

James Brown Sings RAW Soul

James Brown
Sings RAW Soul


James Brown

James Brown "Grits and Soul"

James Brown
Grits and Soul

James Brown Prisoner of Love

James Brown
Prisoner of Love

Thursday, August 22

Charles Wright

Charles Wright
Doing What Comes Naturally

James Brown - Grits and Soul

James Brown
Grits and Soul

James Brown - Live!

James Brown
Live at the Apollo