Sunday, April 27

Shugmonkey - Loose Ends EP

Loose Ends EP

Beatmaker and Illustrator, Shugmonkey. I had a chance to fire some questions his way:

BTB: What inspires your style of beats?
SHUGMONKEY: The summer, mellow vibes and chilled moments mostly.

BTB: What is your process of making beats? Obviously sampling is relevant to you.
SHUGMONKEY: Going through records and finding those bits to make the first couple of bars. Then I add the drums and it's all go from there.

BTB: What other music (from any era) inspires you?
SHUGMONKEY: : I collect everything and anything.  I never turn my nose down to any genre as they all fit and fulfill a certain mood of the time. From Baroque, 1920's/30's Jazz, Funk, 60&70's Soundtracks, Acid House, Jungle, Rock, Hip Hop, world music etc. It's all inspired me at one point. Music's a hell of a drug.