Wednesday, February 8

The Dust Addicts


"What is these animals?!" Snoop Dogg

Throughout the postmodern garbage dump of twenty-first century music, I found myself yearning for the old sound that serenaded my teenage years. So I put on my ebay-attained Nike Air Mags, strap those bitches on tight, click the ass end of 'em three times and drift off.

As my beautiful eyes flutter open, I see that I found that sound that made me nod as a high schooler. From neo-hippies bragging about cassette releases, samplers made to produce sound of unrefined 90's rap loops, this year's offerings look promising.

The first up of many to come, are The Dust Addicts: Dj Booman and Dj Kool Breez of Baltimore, Ma. This is the second installment of "In The Crates," where the samples are rare and the dust is addictive. If "Almost Insane" doesn't make your soul bounce, then "Take Names Off," will take yo' ass to Churrrrrch!

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The Dust Addicts
In the Crates Vol. 2