Thursday, July 1

ILL CLINTON "Bum Rush" The Beat Tape


Who? My man Vibe..or is it Ill?! Well, both sobriquets are fitting for this dude! I got this in a while ago and for some reason, while I slipped a few joints onto a beat mix cd I made for the ride, I totally forgot to up it here! Needless to say, it's another banger. What I like most about Vibe's production is that he has a "thick" sound. I can also hear the layered filtered sample underneath the samples. I mean...I don't want to get too technical so I'll just say it's like listening to an EMU SP-1200 on a riod' rage...his snares are like bone-shattering bricks of concrete. You think I'm bull$hitting? Three words: turn it up.

His source material is a mixed bag (as the back cover shows); there is everything from soul to jazz, and by bravely reworking the famous Edie Brikell sample on The Shallow Waters Vibe shows not only diversity but bravery in sampling. That's an Ace in my book all day.

The two joints that blew my mind were Antagonist and The Night Shift. I mean, the indomitable inner strength to pick up a seemingly unfu*kwittable Commodores record and flip it into a dreamy, aurally pleasing beat left me floored. This album proves that music is a's art, not science. That's why I am totally and unconditionally in love with The Bum Rush beat tape. Enjoy!

Bum Rush The Beat Tape

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p.s. He's got a new project called "East Til Morning" coming soon...I will update this post when I get it.