Tuesday, June 29

Pig Pen "Summer State"

My newest obsession: Pig Pen. Once again, I'm hard-pressed to say that I'm not totally smitten by these new producers. I must say: we have ourselves yet another ill ass beat tape here. Please take the time to check dude out. The friggin intro, Top Of The Mornin' alone is a throwback to those smoothed-out easy jazz samples that made 90's underground Hip Hop records so dope. Pig Pen managed to rework that magic just into the intro!

Overall, the album is a smooth, summer-vibe type tape. The intro sounds like a blowjob from Asturd Gilberto over dusted ass beats, but then gets a little bluesy on T.R.O.N.. And just when you're feeling like Son House at a speakeasy, the title track Summer State blows the blunt smoke back in your face, easing your blues.

Solid effort. This album should be released on cassette and popped into every pullout deck in every lowered 92' Nissan Sentra with 12 inch speakers in the back. Check it:

Summer State
Pig Pen on Myspace