Saturday, December 31

Updates and Bullshit

Number 1, sorry again for the delays on new stuff. I haven't been digging very much lately cause I'm taking a monster of a test in Feb that requires hours and hours of studying over months, so recording has taken a back seat to this, kids, work and stress, and my new hobby, boxing.

As far as the Soul and Drums comp, it's what I had recorded at the time and I know yall were sick of waiting so I dropped it. I had about 20 more records with joints I wanted to add, and another 10 or so for the people that helped me with those donations. The issue was that my primary turntable got fucked up and I had to record it using a portable and Acid 7 and it didn't turn out the way I wanted sonically. I plan on rerecording it, with the new additions, plus a 2nd edition, and the shit for the people who donated.

Anyways..I hope yall stay tuned...Happy New Year.

and for the quote of this departing year:

"fuck new years...fuck all that shit." Loopwhole Beats (my man!!!)

who ALWAYS got the gritty SP beats on deck (for sale too!!):