Thursday, September 1


Well folks, I'M BROKE AS HELL. However, my crates are very much deep. I'm trying to raise about 200$ by the end of October to help a family member, and I'd rather not start to "crackhead off" my collection on ebay, so I'll beg from yall instead.

So, what I propose is this: for every 10$ donated, I'll reach deep into my crates for the rarest record I can find and upload it. You donate 10$ and I'll up a joint that can't be found on the Internet (well, I'll try...that might be a hard task), but, local Georgia records, 45's, requests, or just anything I think yall would dig that's rare.

Peep the Picture...I have a copy of Merry Clayton's "Gimmie Shelter" and a rare Ohio Psych group called Bitter Blood Street Theatre "Vol. 1" record.