Sunday, March 13

G Sound Musik MEGAPOST!

This is my man Jay G aka Jigga Lo, one half of the mighty High Society with J Brown, producer, MC and owner of G Sound Musik. We go way back to the cassette demo days! I been meaning to get this up but been slipping like fuck! But here is it: the G SOUND MUSIK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGA POST!

The G Files Vol. 1

Straight FIRE here!

The G Files Vol. 2: The Cold Cases

Another BANGER! Do NOT sleep!

J Brown - What Can Brown Do For You?

J Brown of the Murda (Valley, that is)!

The ultra-rare and highly sought after cassette only "World Lit" demo...there's even a joint with me on this.. you gotta keep digging for this one, tho!

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and, finally, my new favorite MC, D Mo with the video to "First Class Flight."

G Sound Musik