Wednesday, October 13

Equalibrum - The Glare EP

Equal is one of my favorite producers. I've been checking his beats for years, since the days when Soundclick was the apex producer's site. I just saw he posted this EP on Facebook, so I decided to repost the link here. Dude is insanely talented and his sound is intriguing. Check the Intuition albums he produced also here and here.

The MC on track number 4, Clever, a.k.a. Clever Rev, is barring none, the illest I've heard in years. YEARS!! And, this is only a taste of what he can do with the English language over beats. I've been working on this post about him that's coming real soon. Stay tuned. Don't miss it..

The Glare Ep (2007)

Time Management (Akai Mpd24 Beat)