Wednesday, June 2

Lab and D Rock are DLab: Beets

Dope!! This is another example of the amazing talent of young, hungry producers. Hip Hop is alive and the beatmakers see that the vultures of Hip-Pop can't feast for long. This is a collaboration between Lab and D Rock, two producers who frequent one of my LEAST favorite spots, Nazi The catch here is that the samples used were all procured from the site. The feel of the album is smooth as many of the chopped samples are of that sweet soul music. Well, that's my best guess as a music connoisseur...certainly the way they do the drums compliments the warmth of 70's soul music by averting the robotic drum machine's quantize function. It's an instrumental album, with a few remixes. And...I can't get enough of this...Solid effort. Enjoy, yall....cause like I said, I don't promote no junk.