Monday, May 31

Skywlkr: Strawberry Cough

It's time for some Beat Tapes!

Exhibit A:

Another Detroit BANGER! Just got this one in. This time, it's Skywlkr, a producer from the mighty, mighty D. This album is blessed with that "Dilla-esque" touch: that soulful, thick-drummed, unmistakable Detroit Hip Hop that encompasses the atmosphere. But Sky follows no one and makes his own lane with creative quirks that makes his music stray from the typical. And, since I'm old school, the litmus test is my car stereo. I burned a cd and played it in the ride: dude is noooice with the beats. Apparently, he's worked with (or working with) Fat Ray and Mac Lethal and other Detroit locals.

If you like my blog and want to hear how these soul joints should be flipped, check the Strawberry Cough album:

Strawberry Cough: The Instrumentals

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