Friday, April 16

Since I've been stultified by my laptop shortcomings, I thought I'd provide some jacked links that I've obtained over the last few days. This one is by far the most interesting.

I'm sure yall know of Marley Marl, right? The originator of what's now known as "chopping," he discovered that you could snag the snare from Funky Drummer, add that to the kick from another break and you have this new hodgepodge Franken-break instead of a loop.

Well, I'm sure yall have also heard of the song by him called "The Symphony." One of my favorite songs EVER. If you woulda asked my who had the illest verse when I firast heard it in 9th grade, my response would have no doubt been Masta Ace. Hands down.

Whatever. The point here is, have you heard the fucking drums on The Symphony?? DAAAAAAMN!! Thems shits it stoopid! I thought it was a loop at first! Then a chopped up amalgamation of other breaks! Then, WTF?? WHICH ONES???

Well..I was perusing when some dude opens a thread about some rare 45 that may (or does) contain the Symphony drums. I was floored when I heard the clip! This might be a late pass for me, but still, hearing the drums that might be the Symph drums gives me a boner. The Artists are Rory O & Chuck Colbert according to DJ 50 Crates

Check it out (click on image):