Saturday, April 24

I've been getting a lot of beat tapes lately and all have been surprisingly dope. But since I'm in this "concept album" mode, I was hoping for more albums like the The Grey Album, Dem Dam Jacksons, etc. Then as I'm peeling through the Trout Mask Replica album that I copped two weeks ago, I get an email from Buddy Maxwell. Awesome name, btw. reminds me of some kick-ass 80's Detective that bitch-slaps the occasional street criminal.

Not what Maxwell does exactly, but he certainly, and in a timely fashion delivered a solid Bollywood OST-inspired instrumental tape called "Bollyhood." From start to finish, he chops these insane Southeast Asian (Hindi and Malayalam) records like crazy with the boom-bap drums to boot. The song "Thai" is a fuking head-nodder. Yall gotta check this out. Amazing job, brah. Do NOT sleep on this.

COP IT: Bollyhood!

Buddy Maxwell's Myspace page