Tuesday, March 9

“..I’m professionalism at its truest..”

I gotta admit that I’ve been asleep at the wheel for the last few weeks, but this next album was surely the crushing blow that awoke me from my lull. This time, a Detroit producer called Prolyphic The Professional sent me a few links to his music. My first listen was once again a breath of fresh roses in this Porta-Potty world of music. Pro is from the mighty “D” and (according to the bio), is a seasoned Hip Hop artist. He’s a lyricist turned producer and from having songs ganked to being the immensely talented local favorite, it seems that the Pro has already lived up the “Professional” part of his soubriquet.

This album is a compilation, a la The Chronic, called The Prophiles. First off, the beats BANG. From the intro beat to the end, the synth-ladden joints ostentatiously encompass a wall of sound that would make Phil Spector cream his pants. I mean, even the shit-talker on the intro says, “you lucky I can’t rap…I’ll spit some shit so cold right now..” When the intro beat compels non-rappers to rap, you know you got something special.
But, Pro is not a one-trick pony. He revisits the mic and even gets introspective over a jazzy piano melody on the song called “I go.”

The talent line up is impressive. The artists are C Dell, Kopelli, Ceza, Dubbs, Kingpin, Fo-Digit, Ace, Focus, and of course the ringleader, Prolyphic. From the top, the homie C Dell goes right in on the haters whose time has passed in the game by letting ‘em know: “it’s my time.” Well, C, you muthafuckin’ right. It is yall time. "Tilt my Fitted" by Kopelli is another song destined to shake club walls. I can see this brothas in the dirty getting crunk to this.

“I Know You” is my favorite joint on the album. It’s a laid-back, chopped up soul beat with rapid fire triplet kicks that THUMP in the ride. The well-laid verses are contributed by C-Dell and Fo Digit, and the hook is infectious; It takes me back to the good-ol-days days of Hip Hop-infused R&B music. This song is one of many shining moments on this comp.

Pro’s beats range from club bangas to R&B joints, crunk to screwed, I even felt a tinge of that dark orchestral late 90’s hardcore style that I love so much. All-in-all, Pro’s music style is diverse; it’s multiform and doesn’t necessarily confine him to a region. It’s music that can be taken all over the world because he encapsulates the best ingredients of Hip Hop as a whole but still cooks it in a Detroit pot. I don’t now if that is contrived or not, but either way, I see a lot for Pro in the future.

The Prophiles: http://www.mediafire.com/?0emmjtti1wq

Pro's site: http://www.musicbypro.com/